Arabic Calligraphy Workshop

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The art of calligraphy, which is one of the most important Islamic arts, is widely regarded as the most beautiful and elegant script among the likes of it in the world. The currently practised forms of calligraphy are the culmination of the dedication, experience and work of the calligraphy masters of the past 14 centuries. Muslims recorded their holy book, the Qur’an, for the first time using the Kufic style, which is a rudimentary form of a calligraphy script. Calligraphy artists embellished many religious texts, books, mosques, houses and public places since then through the use of many different calligraphy styles developed over the course of the history. These historical artifacts are present in many different museums all over the world today. 


At the Roumi Art Institute, in addition to the courses in traditional Islamic calligraphy, we present this deeply historical art theoretically and practically in a nostalgic setting in the most authentic way through our workshops. If you would like to learn about, experience and practise this noble art, which is done with traditional handmade ink and reed pen on very high quality sheets of paper, you need to make a journey to history at the mystical and tranquil setting of Roumi, along with the ney (end-blown flute) music in the background. You are welcome to visit us with your friends or colleagues. We also organise various events, workshops and courses at your place (home, school, museum, festival, library etc.) upon request. In these scheduled events, we also write the names of the participants on special paper using calligraphy and give them as gifts.


Workshop duration: 2 hours


Prices (including VAT) at our location:

1 person: €69,- p.p.
2 people: €49,- p.p.
3 to 4 people: €39,- p.p. 
5 to 6 people: €29,- p.p. 
7 people or more: €20,- p.p.