About Us

About Us

The Roumi Art Institute was established in 2008 by the reowned calligraphy and marbling artist, Dr. Mehmet Refii Kileci. Being an academic as well as an art practitioner, Dr, Kileci established this institute in Rotterdam, an important Dutch city in which cultural and artistic events are hosted regularly. 

Why the name "Roumi"

Mawlana Jalaladdin Rumi, a famous Sufi poet and philosopher, whose writings have enlightened people for centuries, is usually referred to as 'Rumi' in the West. Tge humanity has a lot to learn from Rumi, as he is the epitome of genuineness, love, tolerance and sincerity. Hence we have decided to name our institute "Roumi" in Dutch.

Our goal

The Roumi Art Institute in Rotterdam organizes traditional Islamic & Arabic calligraphy courses, along with courses in marbling and the art of illumination. The institute seeks to promote the traditional Ottoman and Islamic arts, and for this purpose organizes workshops, exibitions, seminars and various different cultural events. These activities are organized in many different European countries, as well as in the US and beyond. Our institute aims to provide a bridge of friendship and peace between the East and the West. The Roumi Art Institute also hosts art therapies. In fact the Roumi Art Institute is the first institute in Europe to make use of marbling in therapies. Out institute collabrates with health agencies and medical professionals to provide therapies with marbling along with relaxation music, and very positive results are yielded. 

Working towards these goals, Dr. Kileci, the founder of the Roumi Art Institute, and his team are at your service.